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Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Tijuana by Dr. Soberanes

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Tijuana

BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery by Dr. Soberanes

Not everyone is born with the perfect butt; however, no one would mind a behind that draws whistles at the beach, or just walking down the street, and we are not talking just women here.

Of course, other factors apart from nature can conspire to make that pear shaped, or round-formed butt of your dreams continue to elude you: factors such as aging, illness, hormonal imbalance, a sedentary job such as cab-driving, or even childbirth can rob you of your once firm and tight derrière.

However, just because you don’t have one now, does not mean you can’t get it.

For many women that have the ideal body, that textbook butt can be the only thing missing. If your body is the perfect description of ‘you can’t have it all” then you just may be able to swing things your way and actually have it all with some expert help.

Has the shape, firmness and structure of your butt not been giving you joy for some time, and it’s been your long-time desire to change that part of you? Well, you are the perfect candidate for a Brazilian Buttlift, and dreams like that come true every day.

The good thing is that your flat buttocks can be reversed to look simply super, if done the right way. No matter what your butt structure looks like now, you can easily change all that you do not like about it, making you look like a million bucks, enhancing your look while restoring your confidence.

Who needs this surgery?

We like to think that a Brazilian buttlift is a procedure for almost everyone. However, it is especially ideal for anyone who:

  • Has a flat buttock and wants to lift their butt, improving the appearance of their body in general
  • Has tolerable fat reserves in other parts of your body for grafting and is not excessively thin
  • Is in generally good health
  • Most importantly has a genuine and realistic expectation on the outcome of the procedure.

The encouraging part is that our clinic is in the perfect position to help you fix this.

 Who we are

In Mexico, we have a tried and true reputation earned through two decades in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, specifically in Tijuana. With over 20 years of experience in the field, we have literally thousands of happy clients with significant positive feedback from work that we have done in the past.

Haven conducted many successful surgeries on about 6000+ patients in total, our services consistently meet the very high standards set by the medical boards of both the US and Canada.

Da Vinci Plastic Surgery in Tijuana

At Da Vinci Plastic Surgery Clinic, we don’t only perform the best and efficacious surgeries, while having the best medical personnel, equipment and technology, our chief surgeon, Dr. Soberanes, is one of the best and a certified professional in this field.

Dr Soberanes as well as other medical staff are trained to understand patients completely and provide constant communication.  Having conducted about 800+ Brazilians buttlift surgeries, Dr Soberanes takes great pains to be sensitive to each patient’s particular goals, and works to achieve that goal with a plan that suits every client who walks in the clinic to perform this surgery.

Aside from having the best-qualified doctor, our clinic is up to standard with clean and suitable outlets with the best equipment for successful outcomes. On arriving here, you will meet a clean and friendly environment that gives our clients the utmost assurance of what the expected outcome will be.

brazilian buttlift in tijuana

All you need to know about the Brazilian buttlift surgery

Exercise can help lift the butt and give it that perky round shape; this, of course, is not far from the truth. However, one thing about exercise is that the results can take quite a long time before they can be seen. Adding to this, most buttlift exercise routines may not, however, target the right spot of the glutes and hamstrings of the butt every time.

Be Realistic

While  some may well get their desired results through several exercises like squats, lunges, jumps, deadlifts, and few step-ups, which have to do with hinging the back of your hips, for others, these exercises show little no results; this is where the Brazilian buttlift comes into play.

The Brazilian Buttlift surgery is one of the effective surgical procedures that strengthens, firms up, and lifts the butt effectively without the long wait like exercise requires. With this surgery, there is an assured distribution of fat from the wrong spots to the buttocks generally, without the need for implants.

One of the most targeted butt issues which is mostly fixed by Brazilian buttlift is the ‘hip dip’. Hip dips take place where the skin is hitched, or attached, to the hollow part of your thigh bone, called the ‘trochanter’. In some people, they are not easily noticeable but are more visible in others. It all has to do with the amount and circulation of fat and muscle in a person’s body structure.

Hip dips can be fixed by exercise which includes, fire hydrants, standing leg lifts and kick back lunges, glute bridges, side lunges, squats and side to side squats and a few more. However, severe cases are not as easily fixed just by exercise and may even be caused by wrong exercise. With a Brazilian buttlift, fats are targeted and placed at the location where the dips are visible.

Achieving the desired Buttock Shape

One of the main factors of the perfect body shape is the form, outline and proportion of the buttocks. With the Brazilian buttlift procedure, excessive fats from the abdomen, hips, lower back, or even thighs are evenly distributed to the buttocks through liposuction.

In some cases, depending on how flattened or lowered the buttocks are, all the excessive fats in the patient’s body may be used; in less severe cases, a portion of it only is needed. These distributed fats lift the butt, making it larger and enhanced in proportion to the rest of the body. The patient’s goals and desires are also taken into account with the result that the effect can be more pronounced or exaggerated according to the expressed wishes.

This surgery is usually done in 3 procedures:

  • Reshaping of the existing buttocks: From Dr.Soberanes’ years of experience in the Brazilian buttlift, he discovered that the best way to derive the superlative results of the surgery is to first reshape the current buttocks of the client. This enables him to determine the amount of fat needed on the patient buttocks and also to regulate the amount of fat the buttocks will safely accommodate.
  • Liposuction: The following procedure will be the process of liposuction which involves the removal or extraction of fats from specific parts of the body where they are in excess; this is why it is required that the patient who will be taking this surgery should not be on the excessively thin side. These parts include:
  1. The thighs
  2. The abdomen
  3. The hips
  4. The lower back

These suctioned fats are then cleansed and prepared for transfer.

  • Transfer: After the liposuction process has taken place, the purified fats are then distributed about the targeted locations of the butt, which is desired by the patient or recommended by the doctor. This increases the fats there and the size of the butt.
What do you do during Pre-Ops?   
  1. Before any surgical procedure in Da Vinci Plastic Surgery Clinic, patients are required to book an appointment with the doctor. This includes asking any questions to clarify any issues regarding the surgery or any other concerns about the procedure the patient might have. This is usually the first or second contact with the clinic.
  2. When booking an appointment with the doctor, patients are expected to provide valid information as needed. This data is related to health particulars (medical background, allergies, skin reactions or diseases) of the patient and previously performed surgeries. This helps the doctor decide if the operation will be suitable for the patient.

Patient Pre-Op Routine:

Depending on what the doctor discovers during the interactive session between him and the potential patient, prior preparation advice for the surgery may be offered according to patients and their health status. What is required and expected of the patient before the surgery is communicated to the patients and in turn, should be strictly adhered to.

This may include abstaining from particular foods or drinks before the surgery. The doctor will decide whether the procedure will be carried out using general anesthesia or intravenous sedation or local anesthesia.

During the Surgery

As the day of the surgery approaches, the patients will be instructed on how to prepare themselves for the first day. Amongst other things, you ought to wear non-restrictive clothing, make sure you are clean, and do not eat if you going under anesthesia. The operation may take a few to several hours to perform after which the patients will be taken to the ward for proper rest followed by medication. As a rule, VASER liposuction technique is not as painful as traditional liposuction methods.

After the Surgery

Having successfully gone through the Brazilian buttlift procedure, the recovery period for the patient is next and very important. The recovering process takes weeks after the surgery. There is minimal to no pain after the first day of the process, and it can be controlled with pain medication.

You are not allowed to sit directly on your buttocks for the first 2 to 3 or more weeks after a Brazilian buttlift surgery but instead will be asked to lay on your stomach or side. This is because the surgery is still in the healing process.  The doctor will inform you of all other activities that can be done during this healing process, like sitting in a specific modified position or putting a pillow below your thighs to prevent pressure on the buttocks.

When you can see Visible Results

 After one or two months of the surgery, results can be seen, but the more visible effect and results will usually be seen after three to four months.

bbl surgery in tijuana
Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Why clients choose
Dr. Soberanes

With over 1,500 Brazilian Butt Lift procedures performed, Dr. Soberanes has an unmatched level of experience and expertise when it comes to this procedure.

Dr. Soberanes has refined the Brazilian butt lift procedure and has evolved this surgery to improve success, safety, and health for his patients.

  • Existing Buttock Reshaping
  • Liposuctioon
  • Fat Transfer


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Brazilian Butt Lift
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Discover the true and non-manipulated results that Dr. Soberanes has achieved for patients with a Mommy Makeover Procedure.  We have published this before and after photographs with the patient’s explicit consent.

  • Brazilian Butt Lift
Brazilian Butt Lift
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What our
patients say

Dr. Soberanes is truly an exceptional plastic surgeon.  I visited his clinic and arrived with a mindset of getting the largest breast implants possible, but it was the Dr. himself who proved to me that I could not only look better but feel better to where I could continue my exercise routine without feeling any discomfort.  I can't stop looking into the mirror and trying every possible new dress and I can get my hands on.  Love love love the way my breast implants look and feel!

Anastasia Stone

I love the way my body looks after the surgery, but the positive feedback I have received from friends and family have also motivated me and transformed me into a new me.  All I can really say is thank you Dr. Soberanes for understanding me and for your patience.  You are a kind and amazingly skillful plastic surgeon for sure.

Patty M

For a doctor who provides affordable mommy makeover plastic surgery, he is truly masterful!  I spent over 4 months getting quotes, researching the doctors and I knew that Dr. Soberanes was my surgeon when I met him at this beautiful clinic in Tijuana.  He treats you with the utmost care and attention and truly understands our needs as mothers and how giving birth can affect our emotional and confidence.

Martha A

I have been wanting to get a mommy makeover plastic surgery for the longest time that I can remember.  And it was until I saw a facebook post where patients spoke very highly of the dr that I decided to finally transform my body once and for all.  The initial contact was easy, and Dr Sergio explained the procedure to me very carefully and patiently while I was extremely nervous.  The doctor's calm demeanor sets you at ease and once you get to know him and his other patients you know that you are int he right hands.

Ceci L
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