Breast Augmentation Tijuana

Breast Implants in Tijuana by Dr. Soberanes

Breast Implants by Dr. Soberanes

Breasts Augmentation: Facing life with renewed boobs confidence

Looking good is every natural woman’s desire, being complimented is every rational woman’s dream and being appreciated is a feminine hunger. Therefore women will always pursue those great curves, succulent boobs and an attractive body that together give that perfect, breath-taking look.

Face lifts and body jobs today are common procedures among both men and women who crave for a more perfect and youthful look.  Breasts augmentation surgery however, is mostly done by women, and can vastly improve self-confidence through achieving a better physical appearance.

The reasons for women undertaking breasts surgery are several and valid. You are a candidate that can consider this procedure if you fall in these categories:

Who should do breast augmentation?

  • Women who want to increase the volume of their breasts
  • Women with disfigured breasts, either by nature or by accident
  • Women whose breasts have been partly or fully removed due to previous surgery from breast cancer treatments.
  • Women with breasts that have lost elasticity, either because of past breast feeding or age.

Whatever your reason, your breast augmentation surgery should be done carefully for best results. One way of making sure of this, is to get the right surgery team in your corner. 

Where you should have your breasts augmentation surgery

Da Vinci Plastic Surgery clinic is a foremost cosmetics surgery specialist. Located in Tijuana, Mexico, Dr Sergio Soberanes and his cosmetic surgery team have done over 6000 plastic surgeries since the year 1996. That is a solid 20+ years of expert work experience.

Breast Enhacement

 Breast argumentation is usually done for various reasons which include the following:

  • Enhancement of breast contour for small breasts.
  • Restoration of breast mass, size, or volume due to breast feeding, pregnancy or weight loss.
  • Achieve perfectly even size, shape and relative positioning or coherence of both pairs (symmetric) when the breasts seem out of proportion in shape and position.
  • Improvement of saggy breasts’ firmness.
  • Provision of a foundation for a breast contour in case of a removal or disfigurement of the breast after breast cancer surgery or other trauma.
  • Recreating breasts total appearance.

Types of Breasts Augmentation Surgery

  1. Augmentation Surgery without Implants
  2. Augmentation Surgery with implants
  3. Augmentation Surgery without Implants

This depends solely on a woman’s body build and the doctor may decide to recommend it. She may be required to wear a tissue-expansion device for a successful fat diversion into the breasts region. Fats are injected into the breasts using this procedure.

A suctioning device known as Brava is fitted over the breasts as a bra. It is powered by a battery and it gently puts tension on the woman’s breasts, stretching and extending the breast tissues and sets it up for subsequent processes.

This tension put on the breasts sets them up for fat grafting in the breasts. It also aids in an increase in blood supply and circulation to the region where fat is to be injected. This procedure often softens the tissues around the region therefore, it tends to give room for transfer of more fats.

Wearing this device for at least two weeks before and after the procedure, for at least a period of12 hours per day, will produce the required perfect effect.

  1. Argumentation Surgery with Implants

It is a surgical process of enhancing the size, shape, firmness, texture or feel of the breast. It also involves a breast lift. 


Placement of the Implants

The placement of the Implants or its positioning can either be ‘behind the muscles (sub-muscular) in the pectoral chest’ or ‘behind the tissue of the breast’ (sub-glandular).

Over 75 percent of implants today are placed in the sub-muscular breast plane because this reduces the occurrence of scars and contracture. A difficulty that arises after breast augmentation, this procedure also enables easier breast imaging known as mammography after surgery, especially when there a need for further examination or surgery.

The sub-muscular procedure is perfect for women on the slim side or with thin body trim and those that require a drastic increase in their breasts volume, while for women with saggy breasts and older women, the sub-glandular offers the best option.

 Augmentation Procedure

There are different kinds of procedure:

  1. The Inframammary fold/sub-pectoral Procedure

This is when an incision is done in the fold underneath the breast, giving the surgeon full control of the implant placement. It gives perfect symmetry and in this procedure, the milk production area of the breast can still function to an extent, meaning that any woman that undergoes this procedure, can still secrete breast milk and she can still breast feed.

This procedure is also used as a corrective surgery in case of complications from a previous breast job or when there was a previous surgery like breast cancer treatment. Over 80% of breast augmentations are done using this procedure because it gives room for correction without further complications.

It is better for older women with saggy breasts and would be mothers. As the natural sag is where the implants are being placed and well hidden.

  1. The Trans-axillary Procedure

In this process, an incision is done in the armpit region or the auxiliary cavity where an implant is inserted through the armpit to be placed above or beneath the muscles. A small camera called the endoscope is used to achieve this.

There will be absolutely no scar on the breast itself but getting the implants placed appropriately or perfectly is always an issue in terms of coherence in size shapes and relative positioning of the two breasts. Besides there is probably going to be scars in the woman’s armpit that can be visible when she wears sleeveless dresses.

Also, in the case of a complication, an additional incision will be done on the breast. Therefore only about 10% implants are done using this technique.

  1. The Peri-aeriolar Procedure

This process involves an incision around the nipple region, the nipple areolar, in this kind of procedure the areola and scars usually blend together leaving no particular trace or scar noticeable to the eye.

It is placed around the milk secreting part of the breast therefore there is tendency of difficulty in breast feeding and nipple sensation. It is not therefore recommended for would be mother’s or women who intend to breast feed in the nearest future.

  1. The Trans-Umblical Breast Augumentaion (TUBA)

This is the newest procedure; it is a new technology where an incision is done via the navel using an endoscope channeled to an incision under the breast pocket. The camera is placed there and the implant is introduced through this channel to the breast and inflated with saline compound.

The probability for difficulty or hazard is very low. One of the muscles can be tunneled underneath, but in case of difficulty, corrective or further surgery, an incision is done around the breast. There is absolutely no warranty for this procedure hence it is not usually recommended by surgeons. 

After Surgery Care

Be sure to arrange enough time off work to heal properly after surgery. You may also need have someone stay with you during this period in order to do the heavy work about the home. Soreness is normal in the first week or so, but report increasing pain as well as signs of infection.

Keep all appointments with your doctor in order for him to monitor the progress of healing, and keep your harness or bandages on till otherwise instructed. Above all maintain a positive mental attitude and stay upbeat about life.

Breast Augmentation
before and after

Discover the true and non-manipulated results that Dr. Soberanes has achieved for patients with a Breast Augmentation Procedure.  We have published this before and after photographs with the patient’s explicit consent.

Breast Augmentation
Before Surgery
Breast Augmentation
After Surgery
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What our
patients say

Dr. Soberanes is truly an exceptional plastic surgeon.  I visited his clinic and arrived with a mindset of getting the largest breast implants possible, but it was the Dr. himself who proved to me that I could not only look better but feel better to where I could continue my exercise routine without feeling any discomfort.  I can't stop looking into the mirror and trying every possible new dress and I can get my hands on.  Love love love the way my breast implants look and feel!

Anastasia Stone

I love the way my body looks after the surgery, but the positive feedback I have received from friends and family have also motivated me and transformed me into a new me.  All I can really say is thank you Dr. Soberanes for understanding me and for your patience.  You are a kind and amazingly skillful plastic surgeon for sure.

Patty M

For a doctor who provides affordable mommy makeover plastic surgery, he is truly masterful!  I spent over 4 months getting quotes, researching the doctors and I knew that Dr. Soberanes was my surgeon when I met him at this beautiful clinic in Tijuana.  He treats you with the utmost care and attention and truly understands our needs as mothers and how giving birth can affect our emotional and confidence.

Martha A

I have been wanting to get a mommy makeover plastic surgery for the longest time that I can remember.  And it was until I saw a facebook post where patients spoke very highly of the dr that I decided to finally transform my body once and for all.  The initial contact was easy, and Dr Sergio explained the procedure to me very carefully and patiently while I was extremely nervous.  The doctor's calm demeanor sets you at ease and once you get to know him and his other patients you know that you are int he right hands.

Ceci L
Breast Augmentation

Plastic Surgery in Tijuana Mexico

The mommy makeover procedure requires extensive experience due to the specialized methods required to combine multiple surgeries into one to achieve amazing results.

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