Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

After Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana by Dr. Soberanes

After Weight Loss
Plastic Surgery in Tijuana

If you’ve lost 100 pounds or more, your weight loss journey might not be over just yet. A dramatic weight loss results in loose skin, which can affect your confidence and how you carry yourself.

Plastic surgery offers a solution by removing excess skin and improving the shape of your arms, abdomen, and other body parts to perfect your figure and complete your transformation. The different types of plastic surgery after weight loss include the following:

Body Contouring (body lift)

In body contouring, the surgeon makes a single incision around the lower abdomen to remove excess skin. Often used in conjunction with liposuction, this is a very effective way to lift and firm many areas of the body in one procedure. The areas of the body that can be improved with body contouring are the waist, abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, and arms.

Because it targets multiple areas, it’s one of the most dramatic examples of plastic surgery after weight loss and comes with some risks, such as infection, bleeding, fluid buildup, and scarring. Having a high BMI can exacerbate these risks. However, every major surgery comes with a certain degree of risk. Discussing these concerns with your plastic surgeon should help you decide if body contouring is right for you.

Plastic Surgery In Tijuana Mexico

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tucks affect only the abdomen. In this procedure, the surgeon makes an incision from one hip to the other along the front of the lower abdomen. This allows him to remove excess skin and fat, repair muscles, and improve the overall shape of the waist. After recovery, patients can expect a flatter, smoother abdomen to complement their new figure.

Thigh Lift

Thigh lifts address the shape of the inner and outer thighs. Incisions for a thigh lift are typically made around the groin or along the inseam of the upper leg where they are less noticeable. Like body contouring and tummy tucks, this procedure can work in tandem with liposuction to remove excess skin and fat and result in a more proportionate figure.

Buttock Augmentation and Lift

Because buttocks are composed of fat, a dramatic weight loss can result in a flattened rear end. The buttock augmentation procedure can lift, firm, and fill out a patient’s buttocks through implants, fat transfer, or a combination of both. On the other hand, a buttock lift procedure aims to remove excess skin from saggy, dimpled rear ends. While a buttock lift doesn’t add volume like a buttock augmentation, it can still result in a firmer, smoother bottom. Depending on your surgical needs, your plastic surgeon might recommend an augmentation, a lift, or both.

Breast Lift

Like buttocks, breasts can suffer the same sagging after weight loss because of their fat composition. In a breast lift, the surgeon removes excess skin and fat, repositions the nipples, and improves the overall contour and firmness of the breasts. Some patients also opt for silicone implants for a fuller figure and a boost to their self-confidence.

This surgery might require additional touch-ups to improve symmetry based on the healing process of either breast. If the patient requires it, a breast lift might be performed with an areola reduction to achieve the most natural results.

Arm Lift

Also known as a brachioplasty, an arm lift removes sagging skin and fat from the upper arms, resulting in a smoother, firmer appearance. This procedure is one of the most popular options for plastic surgery after weight loss because the skin of the upper arms cannot be tightened through exercise.

For patients who have seen a dramatic weight loss, surgeons will likely recommend a traditional or extended arm lift, which requires making an incision from armpit to elbow on the upper arms. Age, skin elasticity, and severity of sagging skin are factors that determine whether a traditional or extended arm lift is needed.

What to Expect

Patients should be very close to their goal weight before they consider plastic surgery after weight loss. Surgeons also recommend that patients have maintained their weight for three to six months before surgery for best results.

Oftentimes, the restrictive diets required to lose huge amounts of weight can cause nutritional deficits, which affects the healing process. Your surgical team might also recommend a a nutrition plan to account for this deficit.

For maximum results, consult a surgeon to see if you are ready for plastic surgery. The best candidates for these types of surgeries are people who:

  • are in good health
  • have maintained a stable weight
  • don’t smoke
  • have realistic expectations from surgery
  • plan to stick to their nutrition and exercise plan
  • (for women) don’t plan to become pregnant until complete recovery

What our
patients say

Dr. Soberanes is truly an exceptional plastic surgeon.  I visited his clinic and arrived with a mindset of getting the largest breast implants possible, but it was the Dr. himself who proved to me that I could not only look better but feel better to where I could continue my exercise routine without feeling any discomfort.  I can't stop looking into the mirror and trying every possible new dress and I can get my hands on.  Love love love the way my breast implants look and feel!

Anastasia Stone

I love the way my body looks after the surgery, but the positive feedback I have received from friends and family have also motivated me and transformed me into a new me.  All I can really say is thank you Dr. Soberanes for understanding me and for your patience.  You are a kind and amazingly skillful plastic surgeon for sure.

Patty M

For a doctor who provides affordable mommy makeover plastic surgery, he is truly masterful!  I spent over 4 months getting quotes, researching the doctors and I knew that Dr. Soberanes was my surgeon when I met him at this beautiful clinic in Tijuana.  He treats you with the utmost care and attention and truly understands our needs as mothers and how giving birth can affect our emotional and confidence.

Martha A

I have been wanting to get a mommy makeover plastic surgery for the longest time that I can remember.  And it was until I saw a facebook post where patients spoke very highly of the dr that I decided to finally transform my body once and for all.  The initial contact was easy, and Dr Sergio explained the procedure to me very carefully and patiently while I was extremely nervous.  The doctor's calm demeanor sets you at ease and once you get to know him and his other patients you know that you are int he right hands.

Ceci L
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