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Pre-Op Instructions

Pre-Op Instructions For Cosmetic Surgery That You Should Take Seriously

The pre op instructions for cosmetic surgery that you see below give you a guide for caring for yourself before and after surgery. You are told all these things up front so that you know what you are getting in to when you come for your procedure. Someone who is following the instructions to the letter will have an easy surgery and recover well. Someone who has skipped steps in the instructions could be quite uncomfortable or even miss their surgery because they are not ready. Look at the options below to learn what will work best for you when you are getting ready to come.

What Can You Do At Home?

You need to do a few things when you are still at home so that you will be prepared for the surgery and when you arrive for recovery. Each step is vital because you are setting up an environment around you that is conducive to a quality finished product and smooth recovery.

  • Stop smoking—smoking will interfere with your recovery, and it is something that causes your blood pressure to fluctuate. You need your body to be in a state of calm and tranquility when you go into surgery. The jitters that you get from smoking could be so bad that you cannot go under anesthesia because your blood pressure is too low or too high.
  • Stop Taking Medications Or Change Those Medications—your surgeon can tell you which medications are not healthy for you along with which medications you can change before surgery. This is a fair question to ask because you might not be cleared for surgery if you are taking certain medications in the days before your surgery.
  • Prepare A Place To Recover—You need a recovery space that will help you relax while you are at home for a few days after surgery. You need to recover completely after surgery, and it is hard for you to do that if you donot have a specific place where you can rest.

When you are not sure about how to follow certain instructions for surgery, you should ask the doctor or their staff what to do. There many be special accommodations that you need to make to prepare for surgery. Also, there are times when you need to move back your surgery date so that you can properly prepare.

Take Care Of A Few Things Before Coming In

There are some errands that you need to complete before you come in for your surgery, and it is very important that you handle all the little things before you come in. You do not want to be in the middle of your recovery only to realize that there are things you need to take care of. You cannot drive around town handling errands like you would normally, and it is best to take care of your affairs now before you take a few days off to recover.

  • Run last-minute errands while you still can
  • Arrange a ride home from the surgery
  • Arrange care for yourself so that someone is with you in case you need help
  • Schedule time off work
  • Fill any prescriptions you may need

What To Do On The Day Of Your Surgery

Pre op instructions for cosmetic surgery help you get ready for surgery on that day. You must use the pre operatory guide so that you are ready for your surgery, and you should ask the staff if you have any questions about your plastic surgery pre op instructions.

  • Shower before your surgery because you need to be as clean as possible. The surgeon and their staff will ensure that the environment is clean, but you want to be clean so that there is no hold-up in the surgery protocol. You should not use deodorant or any other fragrance that would cause problems during the surgery.
  • Do not eat or drink anything because you do not want to risk vomiting during the surgery.
  • Wear lose clothing that will be easy to change out of when you get to the office. You should avoid buttoned or zip up clothes. Also, you should remove all jewelry so that there are no problems with the surgery protocol.


You must ensure that you have read through the plastic surgery pre op instructions, followed them, and asked questions if you have them. You also need to let your surgeon know if you have noticed any signs of illness that will need to be noted before you go into surgery. You might not be cleansed for surgery when you are sick, and you can reschedule. Also, you will have a much smoother recovery when you have invested time in following the instructions.

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